What we have in common is our desire for a better world, where each human has the same worth, nature is revered and protected, and we live as one community. — hrk

Photo by Andrea Davis, Unsplash

Transformation Shifting our Perspective

Welcome to Mindshift. Our expertise is transformation— reminagining and reinventing what is possible to remain viable in an ever changing world. Here at Mindshift, we help individuals, teams, and organizations transform themselves. Our services include leadership coaching, team development, and organizational change.

A transformation begins with a change of intention, followed by change in form and direction. Change is a process of experience, observation, learning, and growth, with each cycle bringing about new insight and direction. Organizations gather and adapt to new information as they transform and grow. The alternative is decline.

At the center of most human accomplishment is the organization. Our purpose at Mindshift is to improve the effectiveness of your organization, because in so many ways, organizations are the catalyst of change in our world.

Our core value is the belief that all people have in common a desire to create and give life to a better world, where each human has the same worth, where nature is revered and protected as a holistic living community, and where family and friends are the focus of our lives. To create a global community where all people live in harmony with each other, we will need to transform ourselves and our way of being in the world. We will need to see ourselves and our world differently. Much of this change must happen in our institutions and organizations. To bring our common desire to life, we must dedicate our lives to a belief in peace and prosperity for everyone in the world, not just ourselves or our country. Once we claim this intention as a global community, we can begin our work of change.