What we have in common is a desire for a better world, where every human has the same worth, where we exist in harmony with nature, and where we live together as one global community.

Transformation Begins with Intention

Welcome. Organizations are catalysts for change where most work gets done. The quote above reminds us of the larger role that organizations play in our society and in our world. Today we see the nature of organizations changing, like where people work and how people work, and social consciousness.

Mindshift Consulting is an organizational design and development firm. We help individuals and organizations develop and grow. We take leaders to the next level with our trademark coaching and consulting models. Together, we explore what is possible, develop capabilities, and design the future.

Leading in today’s environment requires a continual renewal of vision, strategy, and culture. It requires quick but sound decisions within a state of rapid change and growing complexity. Adapting to change is more difficult than ever. Consider the business impact of Covid, climate change, and enterprise systems. A survey of CEOs regarding business transformation found that nearly 70 percent of organizational change initiatives fail to return expected results (Barriers to Success, © EquaTerra 2007). But why?

Change efforts fail to deliver for many reasons. While organizations change structurally, humans transition psychologically, and people prefer the comfort of stability. Resistance may be futile, but it is also human nature. The amount of change we ask people to go through is often unreasonable. Leaders in large organizations face significant complexity, and struggle to understand the amount of change their people are going through. Through all the busyness, leaders often find themselves reacting to change rather than driving change proactively.

In the midst of the busyness of organizational life, leaders must also find the time for personal and professional development, time to restore perspective, which requires reflection. We understand you need such time, and we are here to help.

Navigating the road of success in business is not for the light hearted. Mindshift exists to help you with whatever your needs are today, from coaching and team building to the organization as a whole. Mindshift Consulting has the knowledge, experience, and people to help you design and execute successful change. Our experienced organizational psychologists and consultants will work with you to improve as a person and as a leader, and we’ll work with you to improve your organization. Transforming intention to future.

Hans Kuendig | PhD | Founder | Organizational Psychologist