Human Transcendence

What we have in common is a desire for a better world, where every human has the same worth, where we exist in harmony with nature, and we live together as one global community.

If most people in the world believe this, why are we unable to create this reality? Perhaps you have asked yourself this question. To make our common desire a reality, we will need to see ourselves and our responsibilities in the world anew, to transcend who we are and be in the world differently. We will need to lead organizations from a global health perspective rather than a quarterly profit mindset.

Happy new year. Here at Mindshift, we help individuals and organizations transcend—go beyond one's current limits. We offer personal and professional development, and organizational design. Together we explore what is possible, develop capability, and meet the future. For some time now, leaders have faced change from every direction. Today, leaders face global forces requiring more attention to the external environment and the skill to work across organizations. The only viable strategy is to understand these external forces and tap into the power of collaboration, driving positive global change rather than reacting to it.

When it comes to organizational design, our perspective aligns with companies like Patagonia, whose founder recently said, "If we have any hope of a thriving planet—much less a business—it is going to take all of us doing what we can with the resources we have." To do this, we will need to transcend today's leadership mindset, working together instead of against each other across the globe.

Organizational survival going forward will require operating more sustainably, as a world. Those who adapt quickly will thrive, while those who wait may not survive. Stakeholder mindsets are changing. Social consciousness is growing. Acting in harmony with nature is today's imperative and must become the new norm. "Nature must be our primary shareholder going forward," said Patgonia founder Yvon Chouinard. As resources around the world deplete and population grows, we need to make some difficult decisions.

Inevitably, no business will survive if we fail to work in harmony with nature, to protect her. Already, we see the oceans losing their capacity to keep up with human demand. The effects of climate change are likely a response by nature to environmental abuse. Going forward, we will need to view our relationship with nature through a different lens. This will require everyone's participation. Organizations will play a primary role because organizations are where most change happens.

Streams offer a powerful metaphor for how organizations might thrive as collaborative communities. Streams focus on a single intention— to reconnect with home, the ocean. Organizations, including nations, must work together to reconnect with nature. Streams cleanse and nourish their environment. Organizations too must work to nourish our environment, rather than destroy it. Streams have an uncanny ability to work around obstacles and to stay on mission—flow. We must learn to connect our activities globally, in harmony with nature. Streams use a simple strategy employed by nature everywhere—the path of least resistance. Humans must learn this path of harmony, as a way to stay in relationship and support the whole of nature, our home.

Transcendent Leadership

Leadership comes in many styles. What kind of leadership do we need to meet today's reality? Our belief is that a new leadership style is required. The problems we face in our world today require transcendent leadership, a willingness to go beyond what you know and who you are, a willingness to do what's right for the planet, not just your organization or country or self.

In the midst of the busyness of organizational life and all the change they face, leaders must also find the time for personal and professional development, time to restore perspective, time to reflect and renew. Here at Mindshift, we understand your need for such time and we are here to help.

Navigating the road of success is not for the light hearted. Mindshift Consulting is here to help you with whatever your needs are today, from coaching and team building to the organization as a whole. We have the knowledge, experience, and people to help you design and execute successful change. Our experienced organizational psychologists and consultants will work with you to improve as a person and as a leader, and to improve your organization.

Hans Kuendig, PhD | Founder | Organizational Psychologist