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Welcome to Mindshift Consulting. Our expertise is transformation—helping individuals and organizations develop and grow. We take leaders and organizations to the next level. Together, we explore what is possible, develop capabilities, and design for the future.

The task for leaders today is to drive a successful organization within an environment of increased external change and internal complexity. Adapting to change is more difficult than ever. Consider the business impact of just Covid, climate and enterprise systems in recent years. It is no wonder that leaders struggle with leading in today's environment.

So how do leaders lead an organization in the midst of such constant change? Historically, not as well as we hoped. A Conference Board survey of CEOs regarding business transformation found that nearly 70 percent of organizational change initiatives fail to return expected results (Barriers to Success, © EquaTerra 2007).

Change efforts fail to deliver for many reasons. Psychologically, humans prefer the comfort of stability. It is human nature to resistant change. The amount of change we ask people to go through is often unreasonable. Larger organizations struggle with added complexity in terms of operations, and with understanding the amount of change their people are going through. Add to that the impact of new enterprise systems. Also, given the pace of business life, leaders often find themselves reacting to change rather than driving change proactively.

Driving organizational change successfully requires many skills and a holistic understanding of business, culture, organizational dynamics, communication, human behavior, as a start. Even if leaders understand all of this, they often lack the time and perspective to manage it successfully because they are spread too thin. Leaders need time to relect, restore, and renew. This is necessary to refresh one's perspective, a key to leader effectiveness.

Mindshift Consulting has the knowledge, experience, and people to help you design and execute successful change. Our experienced organizational psychologists and consultants work with you to improve organizational effectiveness. Helping you transform your people and your organization is our expertise.

Hans Kuendig | PhD | Founder | Organizational Psychologist