Design for Change

Organizational design is about change. Organizational change is about design. Organizations today are dealing with more change than ever. As odd as this may sound, leaders need to align their organizations a bit closer to the nature of reality, which happens to be impermanence and interdependence. Leaders need to embrance more impermanence when it comes to structure, and embrace more interdependence when it comes to strategy. Organizations need to embrace virtual form that can reshape itself in the moment as their needs and purpose change. This allows an organization to adapt more quickly, to change form more rapidly.

Transformation is the new norm. As an organization's purpose changes, strategy needs to change. When that happens, organizational structure must adapt. To become more transformative--able to transform as needed, organizations need to adapt impermanent structures and learn to be in a ready state of change. Like individuals, organizations exist in a state of becoming. Change is driven by the force of external adaptation and the ongoing cycle of internal integration, affecting things as fundamental as your purpose and identity. Simply stated, for organizations to adapt quickly, structure needs to be more fluid in form.

We design structure that can transform to meet your emerging future. We help organizations develop the capabilities to meet tomorrow's needs. Even though we know that everything changes constantly, few organizations view change as the normal state of business. Fluid form is only part of the new state of organizational design. To create long-term sustainability, we design communities where people find meaning in their work and can identify with the values of the organization.

Hans Kuendig, Founder, Ph.D.
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