Why Mindshift Consulting

Thank you for visiting us online. Mindshift Consulting is an organizational design and development firm. We offer senior-level organizational psychologists, consultants and coaches. Whatever your individual, team, or organizational needs may be, we are ready and capable to support you.

At Mindshift Consulting, our expertise is the psychology of helping people work together to meet the needs of the organization, through applied behavioral sciences. Most human accomplishment happens in small groups of people working together. We help people come together to create and give life to shared visions, through vibrant, productive cultures where people have fun.

When we peel back all the window dressing, organizations are simply places where people connect with each other, share ideas, and think of new ways to do things. All too often, they are places that do not nourish human connection. Our specialty is transformation, intentional design, and managed change.

Every organization meets some social need—your purpose. Our purpose is to inspire leaders, solve problems, and design exceptional organizations. We help leaders with the human side of transformation, from individuals and teams to whole systems —the organization and its external ecosystem.