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  Racism in America

Racism has existed in America from the beginning. Racism in America is a systemic cultural issue. America has always had a strong racist current. This has existed since the beginning, with slavery, when dark skinned humans were viewed as lesser beings with few rights, and as property of white people. Today, we continue driving inequality through, for example, our education system that creates a disadvantaged population, again, mostly made up of the so-called people of color. To understand how this system creates such disadvantage, we need only to look at its funding model.

If you fund schools with property taxes, you are in fact systematically and with intent creating this reality of inequality and ensuring that this segment of our population will be disadvantaged forever. Ironic, given the constitution of this country and its bill of rights. All men are created equal is just a sentence with nice words, but we have never lived out the intention of these words.

Now, perhaps, we can turn from our past and make real change. But this must include real systemic change like deciding as a society that every child in our nation deserves and gets an education funded by the same amount of money per child, so that our schools have the same quality of teaching and buildings and supplies for each and every child. Until we see each and every child as equals, as our Constitution declares, and until we change our fundamental systems to act on this belief, we will never come close to reaching our potential, nor the dream that has captured the hearts and minds of people worldwide. This is how we can create a new nation that lives the concept of equality. This is how we can make the dream come to fruition. This is the first and most important step. Everything else is just words.

The End