Mindshift Consulting

An organizational design and development firm

Organizational psychologists applying behavioral science methods, models and practices

Creating vibrant cultures where people thrive and companies prosper

Improving the energy, capacity and effectiveness of organizations

Connecting like-minded organizations around the world

Increasing happiness

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What we do

Understand your organization's fundamentals

Understand where you are today and where you want to be

Define a strategic path and plan for change

Execute the plan and keep you on your path

Connect you with like-minded people and organizations

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Our approach

Three Phass: Discover, Design, Deliver

Discover: Why this change, why now, impact, risks...?

Design: strategy, approach, engaging people, plans

Deliver: executing plans and taking care of people

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Organizational assessments

Culture alignment

Organizational change

Individual assessments

Coaching plans and delivery

Strategic alignment

Strategic communications

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