Mindshift Consulting helps leaders with the human side of management, from design and strategy to culture and communications. Organizations are many things. The essence of any organization is people working together to achieve a shared vision within a culture that includes all the normal issues and dynamics prevalent in social situations. Since the work of organizations is about learning and change, our expertise is human behavior, within the context of learning and producing value. Part of our work is to help leaders shift how they see themselves, their work, and their organizations, which explains the origin of our company name.

At Mindshift, we believe leadership sets the direction and culture produces customer value. A culture's strength is based in its values and beliefs and the alignment of such beliefs with leadership. When a lack of alignment exists, communication issues often exist in parallel. Once these issues are addressed, an organization and its members can get on with their core tasks of creating community, learning, and producing. Our fundamental belief is that the primary task for both people and organizations is to learn. The success of everything else depends on our ability to learn and apply that learning. This core belief at Mindshift defines our value proposition: to help our clients develop new insights and new capabilities through accelerated learning.

An organization is only as intelligent and agile and creative as its people. Opportunities for change and growth exist in every organizational activity, from strategic alignment and vision work, to strategic business moves like mergers and acquisitions, to retooling your systems and developing talent. Every client engagement offers opportunities for learning.

It's been said that accomplished gardners spend 80 percent of their time planning and 20 perecent of time gardening. In management consulting, results are shaped by the intent of your design, what you move toward, and what you're willing to do differently. We design each engagement with clear intention, direction, and behavioral strategies. We look forward to working with you.

Hans Kuendig, Founder, Ph.D.
650 201 7286 | hansk@mindshiftconsulting.com