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Consider what all organizations have in common—people working together to achieve a shared vision, cultures producing, leaders setting direction. All of this occurs in the face of uncertainty and in a state of constant change. Yet, success ultimately depends on how well your people can adapt. What differs from one organization to another is the ability to change. This ability is about adapting to and integrating with the world around us. Transformation, for organizations, begins with intention.

At Mindshift, our expertise is the human side of management—helping people and organizations develop and change. Much of our work is transformational. Transformation begins with a change in intention, followed by direction and form. Within this process, identity may also change. We design strategies for change. Our services also include management counsel, leadership development, executive coaching, and strategic communications.

Productive organizations have free spirited cultures. Leaders are challenged today to create a powerful culture while guiding an organization in the midst of uncertainty and change. Even the best can find their capabilities stretched. Successful leaders meet the future with uncompromising truth. To help, we design learning engagements aimed at elevating awareness, developing insight, and expanding the view. With our deep understanding of people and organizations, we offer distinctive leadership opportunities for personal and professional development. Our coaching practice delivers skills with real world application.

Located in Montara, California, 20 miles south of San Francisco, Mindshift Consulting accelerates organizational effectiveness and personal development. We enable you to see yourself and your organization with new possibility. We are organizational psychologists. We bring extensive knowledge and experience in both human and organizational behavior. At Mindshift, you work with senior staff. If you have a need, let's get started. Describe the change you want to make, for yourself or your organization.

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