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Welcome to Mindshift Consulting, an organizational design and development firm. Transformation involves a change in intention, followed by direction and form. We design approaches to change for individuals, teams, and organizations. Our services include leadership development, executive coaching, organizational change, strategic direction, and communications.

Transforming an organization involves a change in the mindset of people. The most productive organizations are those with vibrant cultures. To achieve this state we develop the full human potential within an organization and design structures that are agile, able to deliver the vision. We view all client engagements as learning experiences, because every change is also about development and growth.

The challenge for leaders today is to guide an organization in the midst of uncertainty and change. Even the best can find their capabilities stretched. To help, we design leadership engagements to elevate awareness, develop insight, and inspire perspective. With our deep understanding of people and organizations, we offer distinctive leadership learning opportunities for personal and professional development—coaching and learning, with real world application.

Located in Montara, California, 20 miles south of San Francisco, Mindshift Consulting accelerates organizational effectiveness and personal development. We enable you to see yourself and your organization with new possibility. We are organizational psychologists. We bring extensive knowledge and experience in both human and organizational behavior. At Mindshift, you will not work with junior staff. If you have a need, let's get started. Describe the change you want to make, for yourself or your organization.

the leader within

To see ourselves differenly takes a willingness to look again at our basic assumptions.

embracing Change

The pace of change is relentless. Resistance is futile. Organizations evolve to survive. 

design for organizations

By necessity, organizational structure is changing, and so is design. Flow is an essential strategy.

Designing Organizations

A living systems perspective.

Organizations, like any living system, are complex patterns of behavior evolving through continual transformation. Add the variables of growth, global markets, technology, diversity, human desire, and relentless change, and things get interesting. The balance to complexity is simplicity. Using our MC3 process, we create simple solutions and sound strategies, We help organizations evolve to meet their future.

developing people

Communities of shared learning.

We believe the primary role of an organization is to learn. Logic follows that the role of leadership is to create a learning organization and to continually develop people through shared learning experiences. We design consulting and coaching engagements that combine personal and professional development with insight and real world application. In our learning experiences, leaders observe, reflect, and renew. 

about you

We look forward to working with you. If you'd like, please share a little about what you want to do differently, either personally or with your organization. This will go directly to me, the founder of Mindshift. As you know, we offer opportunities for change. From my own experience working with industry leaders like HP, Cisco, and Genentech, results are shaped by intention, design, and commitment. If you have a current need, let's get started. Describe the change you want to make for yourself or your organization.
Hans Kuendig, Ph.D., Founder

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